Monday, September 13, 2010

Back Again!

Yeah, yeah. I know I said I would be better at keeping this updated.....well, I'm now updating it!!
The events over the summer have been many! But to solve a matter from my previous post. Joseph got another position within Mona Vie, he is now the Manager over the call center. This is an awesome move for him!
As for Ali's birthday (5), I made her a castle birthday cake that I thought I took a picture of, likewise for Anna's (10) I made a butterfly cake and after I had started to serve it out, realized that I had not taken a picture of it...sorry. They were cute though! You'll see Adam's cake later!
This summer we were fortunate to get a trampoline from Joseph's sister Susanna who got it free off of KSL! Thanks Susanna! We love it!

Ali also graduated from preschool, and has started Kindergarten this year! Adam is now in preschool.....time flies!

We also had the opportunity to go to the Sand Dunes. It was my first time was loud...all the time! But the kids loved going on the 4-wheelers. Anna and Reese got to drive one. Anna even managed to roll the 4-wheeler! Good Times!
Here's Ali, all geared up.
Reese, all geared up!

This is Reese driving the 4-wheeler.

Anna, driving the 4-wheeler!

Joseph and Adam!

Anna and Ali are apart of Miss Margene's dance studio, and this was their Spring Concert. I have their actual dances on the video camera, and should probably put those on...huh!

For our Family Vacation this year we went to the Varsity Big Event (boy scout camp). For one of my Wood Badge tickets, I volunteered at this event and did a game there which was the Drunken Frontiersman. There were different colored ropes on the ground and they (the scouts) had to follow a certain color wearing beer goggles. It was awesome to watch! The kids had a great time at the kids' camp. At this campout we had rain and snow the first day we got there, and then it was perfect for the rest of the time....thank goodness!
Almost all the the campouts I have gone on this summer had rain, Girl's Camp was by far the best one weather wise!

At the Big Event, there was a POW camp. For this event you had to go through different obstacles to get your crew out of the camp. We did it as a family. Usually there is no talking during this, but since we had little ones, they let us talk. We also had extra help. So here we are at the beginning of the run, all chained up.

Joseph was chained to this "death row rock" and would tip a bucket that had the keys to get us out.

There was a spiderweb of rope that we had to go through, and it led us to this wall that we had to get everyone up and over. Joseph was to go first to help lift everyone else over. Funny story....I was helping him over by him standing on my knee and me boosting him up with my hands. I knew he needed to get a little higher in order to make it over, but didn't think in enough time to brace myself. He stepped up to my shoulder, and I collapsed! So that's where our extra help came in!
Here's Reese coming over the wall.

Anna coming over the wall!

Then there was a mote that we had to swing over. We sent the kids over, then me, and then Joseph. Cool shot!!

At the end there was a big pipe in the ground surrounded by a circle of big rocks. We were to use the rope that we had to take with us through the whole course, wrap it around and make it so that Reese could shimmy to the pipe, get the key hanging on it, come back and the key opened the gate for us to be free.

Another activity was the rifle range. Here are Ali and Adam all geared up! (They were not old enough to shoot.)

But Adam was able to help pull the clay pigeons!

Yay!! Look at me!! I even hit some!

Look at that handsome man!! Joseph shot all his targets!
Here is Adam's birthday cake for his 3rd birthday!! It was a gumball machine, incase you can't tell from this angle!

Anna was in the Day's of 47 youth parade, with her musical theater group (Miss Margene's). I tried to get pictures of her during the parade, but unknown to me, I was on the wrong side, and those I did get of her, were just of her back! So here she is all hot and sweaty after the parade!

One of our last events of this summer was canoeing down the Green River for 4 days. This one was just Joseph and I!! Yay!! It was definitely roughing it. But it was awesome to do it.
This is a tree that has arched it self, awesome huh!

This shot is a little after the girls tried to wash our hair in the river....didn't help hair was still nasty!

We also did some cliff/rock jumping. Talk about scarey! Joseph kept telling me that I wasn't jumping far enough. I was already scared jumping, I wasn't going to try and go farther out there! (I thought I was jumping far enough.)

There goes Joseph!

Sexy huh!!

I found this cute sun hat for the didn't like the got a little floppy. But it helped keep the sun off.

Gosh, he's good lookin!!

Here we had just hiked up to Bowknot Bend.

It was an awesome trip.
So, all in all, we did A LOT of camping this summer. And now we're back to school. I did complete my Wood Badge tickets and therefore received my beads and have completed the course! Another event of the summer was a miscarriage. So now we'll wait and see. One frustrating thing about this, is that we have to start over. Bummer.
The kids love being back in school! Reese is now in Cub Scouts, and he gets baptised next month! Anna and Ali are back in dance, and Anna is learning numbers for the musical theaters Christmas program. Adam is just so excited to be going to preschool! Me too!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random Thoughts

I'm trying to be good about keeping everything updated!
First of all, I can't belive there is just a little over 2 months left of school!
Ali's birthday is on Sunday, she's going to be 5! AAHHH!
We lost Reese's DS that he got for Christmas, kind-of upset about that one,
the thing that the neighbors found it at their house, it was said to have been put on the
counter to be returned. We never got it, and now they can't find it. Grr.
Reese said he never took it out of the house.
We also can't find Ali's baby doll she got for Christmas too!
What is up with all the disappearing things???????
On another little depressing note....Joseph is looking for another job.
While it has been a great experiance at Mona Vie, they have now cut overtime,
which was making ends meet.
Now our financial ends don't meet. Crappy.
So pray hard that he will find something quickly, and something with a higher pay.
My Miche Bag business had been doing well, and then the beginning of the year hit,
and it's always slow for the first part, I'm really hoping it will pick up.
They are still my favorite thing!
So if you want to share in my joy, let me know, and we'll have a party!!
That's all for now, really random I know!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Try, Try, Again!

OK, so I thought I was going to get better at this blogging thing. And for a while I was. But it's just like my exercising habits...
I'm really good for a while, and then it fades away.
So here I am again, and I will try, try, again.
Joseph is working at Mona Vie, and likes his job.
I say he loves it, but I may be over excited about it.
He is in Brazil as I am typing this. He said it was hot and humid over there. It's in the middle of their summer. It's been okay while he has been gone, other than not being able to communicate with him.
But then again, when he goes on his week long scout camps, I usually don't have contact with him then, so I don't know what my problem is! I have noticed that it is easier when he is gone, and I know that he is not coming home at night. I gear myself up for that and can make it through.
On the other hand, when he is home, and I am waiting for him to get home from work, I get all worked up waiting for him.
But I miss him.
Nothing much has happened since I last wrote. We have been living a pretty normal life.
The kids will get a hold of the camera sometimes, and just take random pictures.
I think this picture of Anna is one of them!
I got an invitation from the school for the maturation program!
I'm too young for this!

We love this mask.
Adam has the little voice quotes memorized....
"you don't know the power of the dark side!"

Ali was in the Nutcracker this last season.
She was in the "fishie dance"
She loved it!
She will be graduating pre-school this year!
I just got a kindergarten registration paper today from the
As I was writing this, Ali came out of bed and said she really wants a baby sister.
She had asked me about it before.
But then she asked, "can you help me write Heavenly Father to ask Him for a baby sister?"
She cracks me up!
I said, what if it's a brother?
She quickly shook her head.....uh oh, the pressure is on!
And no, I'm not pregnant!

I know these pictures are random, but then again, so are we!!
Some time in the fall I think last year, we took a trip to Cabela's.
These are our own wild animals!
Last fall, Reese was on a soccer team at the community center.
He enjoyed it.
He learned a lot, and hopefully gained some confidence in himself.
He also made a goal!
At the beginning of the year, Joseph and I started the HCG diet. It's hard to explain about it unless one reads the manuscript by the actual Dr.
But needless to say, we did it together to support one another.
Even though we have concluded that it is a boring diet, we ended up with some great results!!
I wish we would have taken before and after pictures, but then again, I don't know if I would have put them up here for all to see!
But Joseph lost 30 pounds and 9 inches!!
He lost his belly!
For me, I lost 16 pounds and 11 inches!
A little from everywhere!
Now, those inches are a total of overall inches lost.
But we are happy!
It's a definite kick start to eating better, but I do have to say, I still miss my sugar!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I think it was about a year ago that I happened upon the Miche Bag. Now this purse is awesome! I had never been a purse person, until a year or two ago. Joseph would just roll his eyes when I bought a new one....which were never expensive......but still he did. When we found the Miche bag, he was okay with this! Now he has a for sure present for me when ever he wants to give me one!
I had a purse party last week, and loved it! My sisters pretty much all got one! Now, I have done these small home party business things before, all of which I have stopped. But I might do it again, except with Miche Bag instead. So I think I will become a Miche Bag rep.! So if anyone wants to do a party, or get a purse......let me know!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wow, what a Summer!

Well, after our Anniversary post, the summer kept going! It was busy as usual. One thing I did was go to Wood Badge. It is a leadership training course, mainly for scouts, but can be used in any position. I went so that I could better appreicate what Joseph does as Scout Master. It worked! The passion that they have for scouting is amazing. I also met some amazing people that are part of the FOX patrol, of which I am apart of. Joseph is also a FOX! And so together we make a FOXY couple!!

It was also Anna's birthday! She is now 9! She definately wants to be older than she is. She loves singing and dancing. This is a picture she took when she went up to Mill Hallow, which is a type of summer camp offered by our school district. She had a lot of fun!

Reese just turned 7 yesturday! He is learning to read and is doing an awesome job. It's weird that he is old enough to go to school all day! He is still my tender heart! He is playing soccer this fall and is learning a lot.
One thing I did that I didn't take a lot of pictures which is very strange. It's kind of sad when I really think about it. I missed a whole summer of awesome pictures.....well, time to repent and start now!!!
I need to be better at random thoughts like my sister-in-law is!!(Liza)
Hopefully the next post won't be so far away!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Big 10!!!


3rd Anniversary

Ali-I couldn't find any pregnant pictures with her....sorry!Adam-ventured to Colorado to see wicked atleast 37 weeks along! Awesome show!

Just Us!! 10 years and 4 kids later.....and a happy life!

Mr. Adam is 2!!

My baby boy has turned 2! Now, that doesn't really sound that old, but in a way it does at the same time. Adam makes me laugh. He is so cute! He is talking so much. He is a good boy.
His Birth Day! He's my biggest baby!

His 1st Birthday!

This was last November at Gardener Village
such a kodak moment!

This is my handsome Adam Douglas Baird!
Happy Birthday Mr. Man!